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Julie Shaw and Rich Fabio, our guest instructor from Asheville, at Sunrise Yoga Studio in downtown Hayesville of western North Carolina.

The Western North Carolina Yoga Resource.

LOCATED IN HISTORIC downtown Hayesville North Carolina, Sunrise Yoga Studio offers you a quiet soothing environment. Our schedule offers a variety of classes Monday through Saturday. Also exciting yoga workshops from a varity of philosophies and styles of yoga. We welcome all ages and abilities to learn yoga in our compassionate and relaxing environment under the guidance of certified teachers.

Check our schedule or sign up for our newsletter for upcoming events. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Sat, Nov 1, $35/session or $60 for both

10am to noon Journey to the Root
This class will be a mixed level Roots class honoring the time of the season.

1:30-3:30pm Grounding Practices for Wellness
This class will provide a series of experiential grounding techniques. Grounding exercises are the key to staying centered, optimizing health, finding one’s true calling, and most importantly telling better jokes.

For more information see schedule.

About Sunrise Yoga Studio

OUR STUDIO is conveniently located "on the square" in downtown Hayesville, NC. After relocating to Hayesville 4 years ago, registered yoga teacher, Julie Shaw, was inspired to create a warm and welcoming environment where she could teach yoga to the residents of Western North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Julie believes that yoga, practiced regularly, will enhance your quality of life by nurturing your body, mind and soul. Classes at the studio provide a unique and individualized learning experience, tailored to meet your personal needs. Julie will help you focus on stretching and strengthening your body, as well as improving your overall health, regardless of age or existing level of fitness. Improving your breathing and the functioning of your immune system will help to rid your body of stress and toxins, allowing you to experience the benefits of yoga in all aspects of your life.

Julie is very committed to providing the best instruction possible to her students. By continuing her education at yoga workshops and personal self study, she promises to stay current and up to date on evolving practices in the yoga community.

Sunrise Yoga Studio offers a wide variety of classes including Hatha, Vinyasa (Flow), Gentle, and Yoga Basics. Classes are available six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. Private instruction is also available.


SUNRISE YOGA STUDIO18 Herbert Street "on the square" Hayesville, NC Telephone: 828-557-5731 email: